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Carestream Health is one of the world’s premier providers of large cloud-based healthcare IT infrastructures. The com- pany currently manages over 1 billion images worldwide, supported by data centres across the U.S., Europe, Latin America and Japan. Carestream Vue Cloud PACS de- livers full PACS functionality for im- age review, storage and distribution throughout the enterprise including delivering advanced reading tools to remote radiologists. The company’s Vue Cloud Archive offers virtualised, vendor-neutral storage as well as data protection and disaster recovery of clinical data and can reduce costs by up to 30 percent. The Vue Cloud Com- munity enables healthcare providers that use the company’s archive service to allow access to that data by author- ised clinicians anywhere in the world through a simple Internet connection, making it ideal for inter-hospital col- laboration. Hospital Group Implements Cloud- Based Archiving, Access Portal Algemeen Stedelijk Ziekenhuis Aalst (ASZ) in Flanders, Belgium, is mar- rying a new generation on-site CARE- STREAM Vue PACS with cloud-based archiving for all radiology studies de- livered from the Carestream regional data centre. The Vue Cloud Portal* will make data from a 40 terabyte legacy archive accessible to Internet- based users. The 600-bed ASZ is a large hos- pital group that operates across three sites and manages more than 320,000 studies annually. “Carestream offered the latest state-of-the-art technology for PACS capabilities and vendor-neutral archiv- ing,” said Dr. Van Hedent, Chief Ra- diologist of the ASZ. “With the new system we will enjoy the best native post-processing capabilities on the market and also embedded reporting tools with speech recognition and re- mote access.” Mr. Brantegem, the group’s Fi- nance Manager, reports the pay-per- study payment model presented sig- nificant advantages. “It provides total transparency of use and a predictable total cost of ownership, while reducing the need to maintain and upgrade our infrastructure.” Need for Collaboration Drives Selection of Cloud-Based Services The University Hospital of Saint- Etienne in France is installing a CARE- STREAM Vue Cloud PACS and Vue Cloud Archive to enable collaboration with other healthcare facilities in the * Works-in-progress region. The new contract is part of the hospital’s modernisation strategy. To oversee the project, a control group was established consisting of public health and medical-social insti- tutions, cooperative health groups and non-profit organisations. The group will share the purchase and use of ser- vices and equipment. “For our project the service model approach offered the best guarantee of success, by virtue of its great adapt- ability to address the needs of the dif- ferent participants and its capacity for sharing economies of scale,” said Jean-Christophe Bernadac, Informa- tion System Manager at the Univer- sity Hospital of Saint-Etienne. “Out- sourcing the platform to Carestream’s approved data centre also allows us to fully conform with regulations.” Vue is the new brand for the com- pany’s comprehensive healthcare IT platform that includes radiology, car- diology, enterprise workflow, vendor- neutral archiving and cloud-based services. Vue merges Carestream Health’s lineage of imaging innova- tion with leading-edge IT technology. With thousands of proven implemen- tations worldwide, Vue healthcare IT solutions deliver streamlined work- flow, clinical excellence and superior patient care. IMAGE-ARENA The Platform for Review, Analysis and Data- management for Ultrasound in Radiology! Multivendor reads dynamic 2D, 3D, 4D data from many ultrasound systems Workflow integration seamless integration and connectivity to existing PACS, RIS or HIS 2D/3D/4D Ultrasound Analysis provides a compre- hensive portfolio of clinical and advanced applications TomTec Imaging Systems GmbH Edisonstrasse 6 85716 Unterschleissheim · Germany Phone: +49(0)89/32 175-500 TomTec Corporation USA 525 West Monroe Street Suite 23620 Chicago, Il. 60661 – USA Toll Free 1-866-735-3740 LITH_Inserat_IA_210x100:Layout 1 09.02.12 16:54 Seite 1 ITSystemsRAD·BOOK 2012 53