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EDITORIAL Published by: EUROPEAN HOSPITAL Verlags GmbH Theodor-Althoff-Straße 45, 45133 Essen, Germany, Phone +49-201-87126-851, and XT Media Guido Gebhardt, Adalbert-Stifter-Weg 2 b, 85661 Forstinning, Germany, Phone +49-8121-907630, Editor-in-Chief: Guido Gebhardt, Daniela Zimmermann, Executive Director: Daniela Zimmermann, Advertising: Ralf Mateblowski (D, A, CH), Eric Jund (E, F, I), Simon Kramer (B, GB, L, NL), Gavin Hua (China), C. H. Park (Korea), Hannah Wizer (Israel), Hanna Politis (U.S.A, Canada), Subscription: Janka Hoppe, Subscription rate: ? 19.– plus postage The information and opinions expressed in articles and product entries published in RADBOOK are solely those of the manufacturers / companies, their authors and contributors, for which the publisher holds no responsibility. Errors and omissions excepted. © 2012 by EUROPEAN HOSPITAL Verlags GmbH. All rights reserved DearReader,Looking back at RSNA there are two terms that epitomize current developments and innovations in radiology: mobility and image fusion. Today, powerful image processing and image management solutions allow users to view images and access patient data on a multitude of mobile devices – not only in any corner of the hospital but also ‘on the go’ as long as a mobile phone network is available. But it is ultrasound technology that quite surprisingly has come up with some of the most stunning innovations in image processing and communication. Where a few years ago clinical detail seemed to be hidden in clutter noise and patients were offered but a tiny photo torn off a role of thermo paper today the sonographer can go on a virtual trip through cavities and vessels. But even better: Modern ultrasound systems correlate CT and 3D ultrasound data volumes and display findings from different modalities and from different planes next to each other on the console. Thus US-guided needle biopsies can now be performed based on CT data. This, in our opinion, is an outstanding example of modern technology that enhances diagnostic safety and patient comfort alike. See you at Daniela Zimmermann Guido Gebhardt Imprint