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InterventionalSystemsRAD·BOOK 201244 Power 20 kW Image System Image Intensifier Size 9" – 13" Power 5 kW Image System Image Intensifier Size 9" – 12" Highlights Modular configurations, from the base one to the top one (DSA Full), even after-sale, just with a USB-key-hardware. – Progressive scan CCD digital camera 1 k x 1 k – Memory capacity: more than 200.000 images – 40 kHz X-ray monobloc generator, 120 kV, rotating anode – Memory configurations: DFG Base (15 frames/second); DFG Vascular (30 frames/second) – DICOM 3 Highlights – Large Power reserve of 20 kW – Excellent 1 k x 1 k image quality – Outstanding versatility: flexible configurations suitable for all the examinations – 12, 25 or 30 frames sec. image acquisition depending on the chosen software – E-motion: all C-arm movements can be motorized – Dual Cooling System: liquid-to-air heat exchanger – Dual Power System: power reserve system Intermedical RADIUS DFGIntermedical RADIUS XP Power 32 kW II-Format Digital flat panel detector 30 x 40 cm Medtronic O-arm® System Highlights – Fast 13 sec 3D scan – Fully mobile – Flexible intra-operative 2D- and 3D-imaging – Large 2D-image size and large 3D scan volume – Seamless integration in OR workflow – Easy in use: All motions motorized, simple control panel – Position memory remembers scan positions – Easy draping of the breakable gantry – Seamless integrating with StealthStation® Navigation – Full DICOM3, USB, CD / DVD interfacing Highlights – Super thin flat detector frees up valuable space – Superb contrast thanks to high dynamic range – Insensitive to magnetic fields – No geometrical distortions Philips Veradius Power 15 kW Field of view 27 x 27 cm Highlights – True multi purpose top-end system with flat detector – Optimized C-arm geometry with 73 cm C depth – Smooth movement and color coding for easy positioning – Super thin flat detector frees up valuable space – Superb image contrast thanks to high dynamic range of Trixell detector – State-of-the-art wireless data communication with RIS/HIS Philips Veradius Neo Power 15 kW Field of view 26.2 x 26.2 cm Highlights – Versatile workhorse designed for routine and vascular ­interventions – SmartVision – a fully ­digital imaging chain including powerful ­image proces- sing functions – High quality images at a low dose, time after time – Optimally designed mobile view station ­providing a unique ­intelligent viewing concept – Extended rotation Philips BV Endura 2 Power 3.15 kW II-Format 31 / 23 / 17 cm