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InterventionalSystemsRAD·BOOK 2012 43 Block Imaging Highlights – We buy used mobile C-arms for refurbishment – Give your equipment a 2nd chance at life – Recover true value of your trade-in – Free fair market valuations – Professional project managers handle every detail of system deinstallation and removal – “Go Green” and recycle your equipment Surgical C-arms Size 9" and 12" Highlights Canon is known for advanced imaging technologies, producing 14 generations of premium flat panel detectors for various applications. Now, for the first time, Canon has taken innovation to the next level in developing a complete X-ray solution: the XEPHILIO mobile C-arm. – High resolution dynamic imaging – High sensitivity with low noise and minimal dose – Flexible patient positioning for all body sizes – Fluoroscopic endurance – Transitional work flow ease – Advanced applications – seamless integration and archiving capabilities Canon XEPHILIO MC-1100 Highlights – Precision and versatility in extremity surgery – Ultra-fine fluoroscopy images – Tremendous maneuverability – Automated adjustments that deliver the optimum image every time, for every patient – Assists surgeons in virtually all surgical procedures of the extremities – it is also extremely useful in the emergency department, as well as in private practice Hologic Fluoroscan™ Power 100 kW Image System Image Intensifier Size 9" – 13" Highlights The new solution for the market demand: higher features at a lower price! Excellent manouvrability with a slim-line design. – Up to 1000 mA, 100 kW power – Liquid cooled X-ray tube – Suspended LCD screens – Control room screens – E-motion remote control (all C-arm movements are motorized) – DICOM interface Intermedical RADIUS XP 100 CARDIO Highlights – Compact monitor cart and C-arm – Superb image quality – 1 k x 1 k – Simple touchscreen interface – Innovative connectivity solution: CD/DVD, USB and DICOM – Available as Compact, Compact2 , Compact+ and Series GE Healthcare OEC FluoroStar 7900 Highlights – DRM (Dynamic Range Management) – Intuitive touchscreen interface – Comfortable viewing with flat screen monitors – Easy archiving: CD/DVD and DICOM – Fully motorized imaging system GE Healthcare OEC 9900 Elite Power 15 kW II-Format 11 cm, 15 cm, 23 cm and 31 cm Power 2.2 kW II-Format 11 cm, 15 cm and 23 cm