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InjectorsRAD·BOOK 201234 Highlights – LCD-display – Real time monitoring of the injection parameters – Economical entrance model Medicor Nemoto CT-Injector A 60 Syringes 200 ml, 100 ml with adapter Pressure 300 psi Throughput 0,1 – 10 ml/s in 0,1-ml/s-steps Highlights – Needle positioning test – Progammable autofill function – Program memory on CF memory card – Advanced programming functions – Timing bolus option – Auto prime function Medicor Nemoto CT-Injector Dual Shot Alpha B200 Syringes A: Contrastmedia A: 200 ml, 100 ml with adapter / 125 ml with Prefilled syringe adapter B: Saline 200 ml, 100 ml with adapter Pressure A: 300 psi, B: 300 psi Throughput A: 1 – 100 / 125 / 200 ml in 1-ml-steps B: 1 – 100 / 200 ml in 1-ml-steps Medrad Avanta Advanced Fluid Management System Medrad Mark 7 Arterion MEDRAD Dual Syringe CT Injector Stellant D MEDRAD Spectris Solaris® EP Capacity 150 ml Selectable pressure increasement Pressure 300 / 1200 psi/bar Flow-Rate Variable 1 to 10 ml/sec Syringe 150 ml Pressure 100 – 1200 psi Flow-Rate 0.1 – 45.0 ml/sec; 0.1 – 59.9 ml/min; 0.1 increments Syringe A and B: 200 ml Pressure 325 psi (22.1 bar) Flow-Rate A and B: 0.1 – 10 ml/sec in 0.1 ml/sec increments Syringe Contrast Media 65 ml – Saline 115 ml Pressure Maximum 325 psi / 2240 kpa Flow-Rate Selectable from 0.01 ml/sec to 10 ml/sec Highlights – Contrast and saline flush cardiovascular power injector – Precise fluid delivery, fluid level sensing and gross air detection. – Accurate injection pressure control with user adjustable pressure limits – Bolus sharpness delivering exact variable and fixed contrast via a responsive syringe – Color graphical user interface with on screen tutorial for simplified setup Highlights The Mark 7 Arterion Injection System is the latest in MEDRAD’s “Mark” series of angiographic injectors. – The Mark 7 Arterion is lighter (compared to earlier systems), more maneuver- able and easier to use so you can focus more on the patient – It has a clear and intuitive user interface and a unique front-load system to simplify set-up and enable a cleaner tear-down – The clear syringe facilitates purging air – Multiple configurations for maximum configuration flexibility Highlights – Saline Flush Capability for contrast efficiency – Automated loading, filling, and priming – Stores and recalls up to 32 programs – Precisely times contrast delivery with real-time display of injection pressure. – MEDRAD‘s P3T Personalized Patient Protocol software automates persona- lized protocols for each patient, enabling a higher percentage of diagnostic- quality images (vs. standard protocols) while maintaining efficient workflow Highlights – Flexible power management with battery operation or continuous battery charging through AC power connection – switch to either battery or wall power in seconds – Pressure Limit selection from one of six preset maximum pressure limits, and the ability to view pressure during injection on the control room display. – 3.0 T compatibility even when placed right next to the magnet opening – Multi-phase injection control with 6 user-programmable phases including PAUSE and HOLD – Programmable and independent KVO separate from the injection profile