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MagneticResonanceImagingRAD·BOOK 201230 Highlights The 8Ch multifunctional ClothesPin Coil “CPC” enables acquisition of high resolution images of many anatomical regions due to its high coil density (dia- meter of single channel only 5cm). Extremities, joints, jaw joint and carotis can be examined. Thanks to our spe- cial positioning devices, the coil can be used for pediatrics or motion studies in orthopedics. The coil pair is held together by a holder, which ensures the position of the coil halves on the patient. Highlights This 4Ch Biopsy Breastcoil serves for diagnostics as well as for biopsy remo- vals. The design of the whole setup is very open to ensure optimal access to the breast for interventions. With the NORAS biopsy units (post & pillar or grid) a biopsy or a wire place- ment can be performed laterally, medially and craniocaudally. NORAS also offers biopsy units compatible to GE and Invivo breastcoils. Highlights This is a stereotactic head holder integrated in an 8Ch iMRI head coil for ima- ging and intervention in the neurosurgical OR environment. None of the coils or cables need to be sterile anymore. Several retractors can be attached, such as the Sugita®, Budde® Halo or Greenberg™ retractors. BrainLab AG is providing the accessories for automatic image registration. Highlights 4Ch Dental-Array: – MR imaging of teeth, can ­provide very useful information about theet posti- ons without exposing the patient to radiation. – The dedicated 4Ch array provides superior imaging quality. 4Ch Orbit-Array: – By using the dedicated 4Ch Orbit-Array high ­resolution images of the ­eye-area can be produced. NORAS CPC 8Ch Multifunctional Coil NORAS 4Ch Biopsy Breastcoil NORAS Neurosurgery Solution NORAS 4Ch Dental-Array and 4Ch Orbit-Array Highlights Philips Diamond Select provides reliable, like-new refurbished imaging systems at an attractive price. With the financial challenges in healthcare today, Dia- mond Select equipment is a simple, economical alternative to purchasing new equipment. Diamond Select offers up-to-date technology to expand the variety of high-quality services available to patients, while helping healthcare provi- ders aim for increased profitability. All systems undergo a thorough five-step refurbishment process in order to maintain the high standards set by Philips.  The Philips Diamond Select line of fully configurable refurbished systems is available for the following imaging modalities: CT, MR, cardiovascular (CV) X-ray, surgical/interventional X-ray, ultrasound and nuclear medicine. Philips Refurbished Systems Highlights Ambient Experience is a purposely designed healthcare environment. With a refreshingly creative eye, Ambient Experience integrates technology, spatial design, and workflow improvements to create a more comfortable, stress-redu- cing environment for both patients and staff. Every project is a solution tailored to suit individual institutional needs – guided by the four fundamental pillars of Ambient Experience: – Physical and emotional comfort – Patient and staff contact – Experience personalization – Hospital workflow Philips Ambient Experience