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MagneticResonanceImagingRAD·BOOK 2012 29 Alliance Medical – modular building solutions Highlights Engineering, rental, sale of modular buildings MRI, CT, PET, PET / CT including or excluding diagnostic equipment Accessories / Complementary Systems Alliance Medical – flexible diagnostic imaging services Highlights – Static diagnostic imaging centers MRI, CT, PET, PET/CT – Interim services for bridging downtimes – Regular „routing“ services Magnetic Field 0.15 T Gradient Slew Rate 23.5 mT/m Gradient 80 T/m/S Slewrate Compact and mobile Highlights – Designed for integration in most OR’s using mobile RF shielding – Compatible with most existing surgical equipment – Perfect match to neurosurgical workflow – Fits under OR table and moves up to patient for imaging – Standard patient positioning, no patient movement needed during procedure – Integrated StealthStation® Image Guided Surgery System to maintain navi- gational accuracy throughout the surgery – Auto-registration of images to patient – Confirmation of completeness of resection and absence of complications prior to closing Medtronic Polestar® Surgical MRI System Surgical MRI Highlights – The first mid-field permanent magnet MRI system used in clinical application worldwide – Full range of scanning sequences, best images – High throughput, shorter scanning time Highlights – Higher SNR and larger imaging range with Multi-RF channels – Excellent images and full range of scanning sequences – Low power consumption, low failure rate, high operating ratio – Requires little space for installation Field 0.5 T Gradient 24 mT/m Slewrate 70 mT/m/ms Field 0.4 T Gradient 20 mT/m Slewrate 66 mT/m/ms Xingaoyi Ningbo (XGY) Oper – 0.4 T Xingaoyi Ningbo (XGY) Oper – 0.5 T Highlights – Excellent images, full range of scanning sequences – Low power consumption, low failure rate – Small installation site XinGaoYi Ningbo (XGY) Oper – 0.35 T Field 0.35 T Gradient 19 mT/m Slewrate 60 mT/m/ms