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MagneticResonanceImagingRAD·BOOK 201228 Field 0.5 T Gradient 30 mT/m Slewrate 70 T/m/s Field 0.36 T Gradient 26 mT/m Slewrate 65 T/m/s Highlights – High field strength 0.36 T, C-shape permanent magnet – Passive and digital shimming – Unique design of active shielding flat gradient coil – Patient gap 380 mm – Light weight of magnet 12.5 t – Two channel phase array receiving coils – Comprehensive sequences and functionalities: SE, GE, IR, FSE, FGE, MRA, STIR, FLAIR, MTC, MRCP, TOF, etc. – High performance workstation with DICOM 3.0 – CE and FDA approved WDM i_Open 0.36 T Permanent MRI System Highlights – Highest magnetic field strength in permanent MR field – Two column, large span, super open design – Six-way movement motorized patient table – Automatic laser positioning with touchscreen control panel – Passive and digital shimming – Light weight of magnet 19 t – Four channels digital RF system – Comprehensive sequences and functionalities: SE, GE, IR, FSE, FGE, MRA, STIR, FLAIR, MTC, MRCP, TOF, etc. – CE and FDA approved WDM i_Open 0.5 T Permanent MRI System Highlights – Complete function, excellent images, full range of scanning sequences – Clear quick scan image with high slew rate – Extremely low power consumption and very low failure rate Field 0.3 T Gradient 15 mT/m Slewrate 48 mT/m/ms Xingaoyi Ningbo (XGY) Oper – 0.3 T Field 1.0 T Gradient 28 mT/m Slewrate 120 mT/m/ms Highlights – Patient friendly: three times larger patient aperture than conventional MR to handle stressed and claustrophobic patients, children, elderly and large patients – High-field performance comparable to 1.5 T ina truly open configuration – Increased productivity with SmartExam, one-click planning, scanning and processing – Enables unique applications not possible with cylindrical systems Philips Panorama HFO Highlights – Imaging in treatment position enabled by the open spacious design of the system – Streamlined clinical workflow with MR images customized for radiation therapy planning – Quality assurance for geometric deformation Philips Panorama HFO oncology configuration Imaging that fits your planning Philips Panorama HFO Oncology Configuration Field 0.35 T Gradient 24 mT/m Slewrate 55 mT/m/ms Siemens Magnetom C! Highlights – Easy 270° accessibility – Patient-friendly side loading – Extraordinary image quality in head-to-toe applications – Minimal sitting requirements: Less than 30 m² (325 sq.ft) – Excellent Return-on-Investment: decreased costs – optimized profitability