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MagneticResonanceImagingRAD·BOOK 201226 Esaote C-Scan Esaote G-Scan Esaote S-Scan Esaote O-Scan Highlights – In-office MRI unit for the MRI diagnosis of the upper and lower extremities – Permanent magnet with integrated RF-shielding, no external RF-shielding necessary – Direct operator – patient contact – Patient positioning outside the magnet – Only 9 m2 room size needed Highlights – MRI unit for weight bearing musculoskeletal examinations – Open permanent magnet design – Tilting magnet mechanism 0° – 90° – Weight bearing examinations of lumbar spine, knee and foot – Functional MRI of the cervical spine in seated patient positioning Highlights – MRI unit for all musculoskeletal MRI, from foot to shoulders including the most important spine segments such as lumbar and cervical spine – Open permanent magnet design – High efficiency – Only 18 m2 room size needed Highlights – New generation of dedicated MRI for MSK applications – Excellent MRI capabilities, wide FOV, enhanced productivity, full connectivity and superior cost-effectiveness – Its unique design and ergonomy provides optimal patient comfort and eliminates claustrophobic reactions Field 0.2 T Gradient ± 10 mT/m Slewrate 40 mT/m/ms Field 0.25 T Gradient ± 20 mT/m Slewrate 25 mT/m/ms Field 0.25 T Gradient ± 20 mT/m Slewrate 25 mT/m/ms Field 0.31 T Gradient ± 20 mT/m Slewrate 50 mT/m/ms Open Field 1.5 T Gradient 30 mT/m Slewrate 130 mT/m/ms Highlights – Patient-friendly 71 cm opening with full clinical FOV of 55 x 55 x 50 cm – Pianissimo gradient system – Up to 128 coil elements connected to up to 32 channel-readout – Next generation of contrast-free angiography: FBI, CIA, t-slip, TSA – Image reconstruction rate of up to 4.000 images/sec Toshiba Excelart Vantage Titan Highlights – Excellent images, full range of scanning sequences – Low power consumption, low failure rate – Small installation site XinGaoYi Ningbo (XGY) Oper – 0.35 T Field 0.35 T Gradient 19 mT/m Slewrate 60 mT/m/ms