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MR-compatible Monitoring MAGLIFE Serenity guarantees highest ECG quality during MRI scanning even under strongest gradient influence. It is specifically developed to monitor all vital parameters during anaesthesia of adults, children and neonates in an MRI environment. MAGLIFE Serenity D E SIGNEDAN D M A N U F A C T U R ED INEURO P E D E SIGNEDAN D M A N U F A C T U R ED INEURO P E LT Book für inhouse-Druck Extra Light für Offset-Druck Headquarters: SCHILLER AG, Altgasse 68, CH-6341 Baar, Switzerland, Phone +41 41 766 42 42, Fax +41 41 761 08 80,, Field 1.5 T Gradient 33 mT/m Slewrate 80 mT/m/ms Philips Sonalleve MR HIFU system for uterine fibroid therapy and bone pain therapy Highlights – A planning stage in which 3D-MRI is used to plan and simulate the procedure – A non-invasive treatment stage in which a high-intensity focused ultrasound energy beam penetrates through the skin and soft tissue, causing localized high temperatures to coagulate tissue only in the focus area and leaving the skin and intermediate tissue unharmed. The process is monitored and cont- rolled by MR imaging and feedback. During treatment, the ultrasound focus is moved electronically over the volume to be ablated – A therapy verification stage in which contrast-enhanced MRI is used to assess the procedure Not available in the U.S.A. Philips Sonalleve MR-HIFU Highlights – SmartExam – 1 click for consistent and reproducible MR scans – NetForum community access with ExamCards for all studies – Investment value – FreeWave platform based – ready for new applications – SENSE for fast imaging in all applications Philips Intera 1.5 T Highlights – Boost productivity with Tim (Total imaging matrix) and Dot (Day optimizing throughput) – Greater patient access and comfort with 70 cm Open Bore design – Ultra-light and short 1.5 T system – TrueForm design optimizes the 50 x 50 x 45 cm FoV – DirectRF – for higher signal purity and improved stability – New fixed and Tim dockable table options Siemens Magnetom Aera, A Tim + Dot System Field 1.5 T Gradient 33 mT/m Slewrate 125 T/m/s