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ComputedTomographyRAD·BOOK 2012 17 Highlights The amedo-LNSTM is a novel navigation system for CT-guided interventions in radiology such as biopsy, drainage or tumor ablations. The CE-marked system improves intervention accuracy, fastens the treatment and most important re- duces X-ray exposure for patients and medical stuff. The first clinical trial in spinal intervention showed significant advantage compared to free-hand proce- dures with regards to precision, treatment time and radiation exposure. Further clinical trials are ongoing. Amedo-LNSTM Lasernavigation CIVCO RAD-GUIDE™ Highlights The RAD-GUIDE is a manual surgical instrument for general  use and can be used for computed tomography (CT) or fluoroscopy-guided needle procedures.   – Guide provides proper needle support and orientation for everyday problems such as needle navigation while corresponding to a CT image – Ideal for ablations, core tissue biopsies and drainage – Needle guide allows physicians to reduce high dose radiation exposure with a “hands-free” approach to all types of puncture – Single-use design reduces risk of cross-contamination and increases produc- tivity with ease and safety – The guide features a removable, break-away top-plate for instrument quick- release when required and will accept a range of sizes including: 9 – 14 GA Dunlee CT replacement tubes Highlights – Replacement for GE LightSpeed VCT and select Series* CT systems – Offers the same warranty as the OEM product – Keep your system operational without breaking the budget * All product listed may be trademarked by the referenced OEM TeraRecon Aquarius Highlights – Thin client-server ­solution enterprise-wide – VolumePro: handling many 3D-sessions at once – Rendering on central ­server, results streamed to PC – Fast and efficient in the reading workflow – AquariusNET runs on ­almost any ­standard PC Product Aquarius workstation AquariusNET server Technology 3D diagnostic workstation Client-server 3D architecture Highlights Philips Diamond Select provides reliable, like-new refurbished imaging systems at an attractive price. With the financial challenges in healthcare today, Dia- mond Select equipment is a simple, economical alternative to purchasing new equipment. Diamond Select offers up-to-date technology to expand the variety of high-quality services available to patients, while helping healthcare provi- ders aim for increased profitability. All systems undergo a thorough five-step refurbishment process in order to maintain the high standards set by Philips.  The Philips Diamond Select line of fully configurable refurbished systems is available for the following imaging modalities: CT, MR, cardiovascular (CV) X-ray, surgical/interventional X-ray, ultrasound and nuclear medicine. Highlights Ambient Experience is a purposely designed healthcare environment. With a refreshingly creative eye, Ambient Experience integrates technology, spatial design, and workflow improvements to create a more comfortable, stress-redu- cing environment for both patients and staff. Every project is a solution tailored to suit individual institutional needs – guided by the four fundamental pillars of Ambient Experience: – Physical and emotional comfort – Patient and staff contact – Experience personalization – Hospital workflow Philips Refurbished Systems Philips Ambient Experience