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UltrasoundRAD·BOOK 2012 155 CIVCO Ultrasound Transducer Covers CIVCO In-Plane Needle Guidance Systems CIVCO Needle Tracking eTRAX™ and VirtuTRAXTM Highlights CIVCO’s CIV-Flex™ Transducer Covers have been recommended for over three decades as the latex-free cover of choice and are a reliable way to provide patient and staff safety and prevent the spread of infection. – Offers extended sterile protection when performing puncture and drainage procedures – Soft, pliable, distortion-free, latex-free material – Available telescopically-folded for easy application to transducer and in exten­ ded lengths of 36 to 96 inches – Select covers offer a three-dimensional box end Highlights – Ultra-Pro II™ Needle Guide is designed for ultrasound-guided procedures including catheter placement, core tissue biopsy, drainage procedures and fine needle aspirations – Ultra-Pro e™ Needle Guide offers an open channel with infinite angle capa- bilities, assuring accurate in-plane positioning during puncture – Ultra-Pro 3™ Needle Guide includes an easy-to-use “quick release” feature for detachment of guide provides physician flexibility during puncture pro­ cedures – Each CIVCO needle guidance systems utilizes a two-part system consisting of a custom reusable biopsy bracket and a disposable snap-on needle guide Highlights – Enables precise percutaneous targeting of lesions without radiation or open surgery – Ideal for ablations, core tissue biopsies, drainage, fluid aspirations, therapeu- tic delivery, vascular access and anesthesia – eTRAX accepts 18 GA or smaller instruments – VirtuTRAX accepts 10 – 17 GA instruments – eTRAX and VirtuTRAX are compatible with validated ultrasound equip- ment and software only, visit to learn more Accessories – Complementary Systems Mode B, color Doppler Scan Format Linear, convex, microconvex, phased array, endocavity Transducer Inputs 2 Mode B, color Doppler, PW, CW, Dual / Quad images, panoramic, harmonics, elastography option Scan Format Linear, convex, microconvex, phased array, endocavity Transducer Inputs 2 Highlights – Revolutionary ultrasound needle guidance technology. – Available on SonixOP, SonixSP, SonixMDP and SonixTOUCH – Physicians can plan trajectory before inserting the needle – Works in plane and out of plane with the transducer – Shows needle location at all times to guide and correct its path – Operates at any depth or angle – Easy to use: 1) position arm 2) press GPS button 3) start scanning – Ultrasonix SonixGPS Highlights – Customizable touch screen – see only the buttons you need – Easy to use – Application-specific packages – Breast, MSK, L&D – SonixVCR onboard digital video recording – 90-minutes battery option – 17" LCD monitor and console with touch screen – Premium image quality – Online software updates – Ultrasonix SonixTABLET Siemens ACUSON S2000 Automated Breast Volume Scanner Highlights – Ideally suited to image patients with dense breast tissue and/or a history of breast disease – Acquisition of full-field volumes of the breast automatically, quickly and comfortably – Efficient and comprehensive analysis of the volume data – Comprehensive BI-RADS reporting capabilities – Patient friendly - minimal compression – No radiation