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gies such as Auto TSO (Tissue Specific Optimization), that can automatically adjust the speed of sound settings to specific tissue characteristics, are valu- able innovations. Combining all these advancements, Aplio delivers unsur- passed image quality for the best in- formed disease management decisions. Toshiba’s High Density Rendering technology leads to significantly im- proved volume acquisi- tion rates, enhanced spa- tial resolution, as well as simple and fast volume handling. High speed processing allows data to be collect- ed in shorter time. Surface rendering adds the visual 3D effect to volumet- ric data. Moreover, Multi-Planar Re- construction (MPR) allows for a fast and comprehensive review of specific structures or regions simultaneously in multiple planes accompanied by a surface rendering or box volume im- age. The combination with techniques such as Precision Imaging, Differential Tissue Harmonics and ApliPure+ result in outstanding image quality with high spatial resolution also in the volume images. In addition to other features such as 3D/4D color flow, vascular imag- ing or 4D contrast imaging, Fly Thru is the most striking innovation in volu- metric imaging. It utilizes perspective rendering which lets you virtually dive into a volume data set. Being similar to virtual endoscopy, Fly Thru allows cli- nicians to visualize and communicate pathology more accurately and effec- tively than ever before. Powered by the industry’s most advanced Realtime Application platform, Aplio offers the widest range of powerful clinical tools for advanced visualization, quan- tification and intervention. Based on raw data process- ing, the advanced applications can be used on every pa- tient and on a daily basis, improving diagnostic confi- dence and through- put. Smart Fusion brings together the best of Ultrasound and CT/MR to im- prove your accura- cy during interven- tional procedures, saving you time and money. Combining different imaging modalities onscreen in realtime, Smart Fusion enables to display pre-acquired CT or MR data in realtime adjacent to the live ultrasound image. A magnetic position sensor with sub-millimeter accuracy allows for pre- cise spatial correlation of different im- aging modalities in realtime. Matching the transducer position with the pre- acquired 3D data set is a simple and quick two-step process. Aplio’s iStyle+ Productiv- ity suite provides a range of workflow automation and support functions. A fully programmable panel and touch screen offer a more concise lay- out with innovative 3D multifunction- al hard keys. The adjustable console and the fully articulating monitor arm help to create an ergonomic working environment. Several “quick” func- tions improve workflow and efficiency. The user programmable Quick Start menu allows adjustment of relevant parameter sets at a single touch of a button, reducing key strokes and dis- ruptions to workflow by avoiding the need to change presets. QuickScan automatically optimizes the quality of 2D and spectral Doppler images by the push of a button. The utilisation of Quick Assist protocols ensure the same structured exam can be performed identically on all patients. This tool automatically launches a clear, easy to read on-screen menu that guides the clinician stepwise through the exam. Advanced volume imaging Fly Thru virtual endoscopy Smart Fusion UltrasoundRAD·BOOK 2012 153