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DisplaysRAD·BOOK 2012132 Format Model 60" wide RadiForce LX600W 56" wide RadiForce LS560W 47" wide RadiForce LX470W 19" SCD 19102 Highlights – Pre-calibrated gamma mode selection – Fully automated luminance stability – DICOM Part 14 compliant grayscale – Wide range of signal inputs – Flexible image arrangement EIZO Surgical Monitors Monitor RadiForce LX600W Large Monitor Manager LMM0802 DVI Transmis- sion Link TDL3600-QL Touch Console Monitor CID1000P Highlights – Large screen area – Flexible arrangement of source windows – High reliability through redundant components – Wide range of signal inputs – Minimal picture delay – Browser interface – Lossless 36 m video transmission EIZO Surgical 8 MP Monitor System Highlights – Single or dual projection systems available – Project images from any PACS workstation to big screen – Fibre optic connection guarantees high-quality pictures – Projectors are calibrated for 100% DICOM 14 conformity – Our calibration software compensates for ambient light conditions – Dual projection systems colour matched and DICOM calibrated – 3 year lamp warranty and optional support / calibration contracts available – Optional connection to other video sources Enlarged DICOM images for use in medical meetings to provide optimum viewing Larivière AcuScreenPRO DICOM Projection Solution Resolution 2 MP / 4 MP Color Size 30" Highlights – RightLight™-guaranteed lifetime DICOM calibration – High-speed dual link DVI – Suitable for primary diagnostics for general X-ray – DICOM calibrated ‘out of the box’ – Fanless display, lightweight, low-power – Suitable for both grayscale and color images – Uncompromised, perfect image quality – Diamond standard for general radiology and color enhanced diagnostics – High-bright 4 MP 10-Bit color display Dome GX4MP – by NDSsi Highlights This 4.0 megapixel LCD monitor is certified for primary diagnostics, and is suitable for viewing CT (computerised tomography), MRI (magnetic reso- nance imaging) scans and radiography images by trained physicians. The Back- light Ageing Correction technology automatically compensates for possible­ ageing-related backlight brightness and color deterioration. Precise 14-bit LUT ­DICOM calibration satisfies the visual quality requirements according to AAPM TG18 Primary Class and DIN V 6868-57 Cat.B. NEC MD301C4 Panel Technology IPS Matrix 2560 x 1600   Size 29.8" Please visit us at