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DisplaysRAD·BOOK 2012 131 Highlights – Professional LCD quality – Approved for medical use – Backlight output stabilization – User-friendly quality assurance – Providing consistent DICOM images anywhere, anytime Barco MDRC Series Name Clinical review displays – MDRC Series Technology Color LCD (Touchscreen options available) Resolution 1 MP / 2 MP Size 19" / 20" / 24" Viewing Highlights – Smooth, artifact-free video images – Easy cleaning and disinfection – Approved for medical use – Full breadth of surgical and endoscopy displays – Large screen formats for interventional suites and cathlabs Barco MDSC and MD Series Name Full range of endoscopic and surgical displays – MDSC and MD Series Technology Color LCD (Touchscreen options available) Resolution 1.3 MP / 2 MP / 4 MP HD Size 19" / 24" / 26" / 42" / 56" Large Screen Highlights – More choice of widescreen monitors – Compliant with DICOM Part 14 – Luminance uniformity correction – Wide viewing angles – Backlight saver EIZO Clinical Review Monitors Resolution Model 3.7 MP wide RadiForce MX270W 2.3 MP wide RadiForce MX241W,  RadiForce MX240W 2 MP wide RadiForce MS231WT,  RadiForce MS230W 2 MP RadiForce MX210 1 MP RadiForce MX191, RadiForce MS170 Monitor RadiForce RX430 Large Monitor Manager LMM0801 Highlights – Flexible arrangement of source windows – Wide range of signal inputs – Picture set selection through local keyboard and mouse – Keyboard / mouse application control – Minimal picture delay – Long product lifecycle EIZO Surgical 4 MP Monitor System Resolution 2 MP Color Size 20,1" Highlights – High Quality 2 MP color – High-speed DVI – Suitable for primary diagnostics on CT, MRI and PET and for review on general X-ray – Also suitable for RIS – DICOM calibrated ‘out of the box’ – Fanless display, lightweight, low-power Dome GX2MP – by NDSsi Highlights The MDview271 color monitor can be used for reviewing of CT, MRI, ­nuclear or ultrasound images. In combination with special display controllers, the 3.7 megapixel wide-format LCD allows two image sources to be viewed simul- taneously thanks to its large screen and powerful picture-by-picture function. This makes it a cost-effective alternative to dual-screen solutions consisting of two independent screens. The high quality image is due to the professional 10-Bit P-IPS panel and DICOM GSDF. NEC MDview271 Panel Technology IPS Matrix 2560 x 1440   Size 27.0"