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MolecularImagingRAD·BOOK 2012124 Highlights Solution offering excellent investment value with high performance for oncology use – 2011 Frost and Sullivan “Price Performance Value Leadership award in PET” – Head to toe scanning, low dose – Sensitivity & high definition imaging – Simple user interface and real time visualization – Full diagnostic CT, upgradability, GE service and reliability – BGO detector design GE Healthcare Optima PET/CT 560 Resolution Spatial resolution: 4 mm @ 1cm transaxial NECR @ 6 kBq/cc 6.5 cps/kBq Field of View 70 cm Highlights – Motion free PET/CT – Optimized for gated and dynamic PET- and CT-acquisitions – VUE point HD 3D iterative reconstruction – IBM blade center for fastest reconstruction – Highest NECR in clinical range GE Healthcare Discovery 600 Resolution < 2 mm (w. SharpIR) NECR @ 6 kBq/cc 75 kcps @ 15 kBq/ml Field of View 70 cm Highlights – Full fidelity TOF reconstruction with Asto­nish TF technology – Up to 50% contrast improvement facilitates improved lesion detectability – Up to 5x higher sensitivity than non TOF – Full diagnostic CT capabilities Philips TruFlight Select Peak NECR 65 kcps PET Spatial Resolution 4.7 mm CT Configuration 16-slice Highlights – Astonish TF allows fast TOF scans, low dose, and excellent image quality – Increase diagnostic confidence with up to 30% improved contrast and recon­ struction as fast as 30 seconds per bed – Manage both PET and CT dose better Philips Ingenuity TF PET/CT Highlights – Optimized for radiation oncology – Brilliance CT Big Bore simulator subsystem and exclusive PET Astonish TF time-of-flight technology – 85 cm bore aperture for reproducible patient positioning between imaging and therapy – Compliant with the AAPM TG-66 standards for positional accuracy – State of the art diagnostic image quality Philips GEMINI TF Big Bore PET/CT Peak NECR 90 kcps PET Spatial Resolution 4.3 mm CT Configuration 16-slice Peak NECR 110 kcps PET Spatial Resolution 4.3 CT Configuration 128-slice Highlights – Philips proprietary Astonish TF time-of-flight technology – Fast scans (10 min) with low dose – Premium Brilliance CT image quality and applications – 190 cm PET/CT scan length – Exclusive open-view gantry design Philips GEMINI TF PET/CT Peak NECR 110 kcps PET Spatial Resolution 4.3 mm CT Configuration 16-slice or 64-channel