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MolecularImagingRAD·BOOK 2012 123 Highlights The Naviscan PEM scanner is the only high resolution PET scanner specificially optimized to provide metabolic visualization of abnormal breast tissue. The scanner works as an adjunct to conventional imaging procedures to detect, stage and manage breast cancer more accurately than ever before. Through a unique combination of gentle immobilization, advanced photonics and image processing, Positron Emission Mammography (PEM) allows to enhance early detection by identifying lesions smaller than 1.6 mm. Medicor NAVISCAN PEM Energy Resolution 13% Sensitivity 1.6 cps/kBq Field of View 23.2 cm axial PET PET-CT Highlights – Combination of SPECT technology power with proven multi-slice CT – Advanced fusion imaging – State-of-the-art nuclear medicine slim detectors – Ultra-fast gantry robotics – BrightSpeed Elite 16 slice CT * Preliminary data GE Healthcare Discovery NM/CT 670 Resolution 3.7 mm intrinsic FWHM * Sensitivity 270 cpm/uCi (LEGP) * Field of View 540 mm x 400 mm SPECT-CT Highlights Dual head performance from a single head system – Excellent image quality based on advanced Elite NXT detector technology – Exceptional productivity enabled through evolution ½ time planar and SPECT scans options – Fast and flexible robotic gantry motions for exceptional clinical versatility – Investment protection enabled through upgradeability path to Discovery NM 630 and even to Discovery NM/CT 670 (subject to appropriate site preparation). GE Healthcare Brivo NM 615 Resolution 3.8 mm intrinsic FWHM Sensitivity 320 cpm/microCi (ELEGP) Field of View 540 x 400 mm Highlights – Motion free PET/CT – Stable timing resolution, independent of count rate – Time of Flight PET acquisition – VUE point HD 3D iterative reconstruction with time of flight information – IBM blade center for fastest reconstruction GE Healthcare Discovery 690 Resolution < 2 mm (w. SharpIR) NECR @ 6 kBq/cc 110 kcps @ 20 kBq/ml Field of View 70 cm Highlights – Flat panel CT allows acquisition of the entire heart volume in just one rota- tion to aid in cardiac studies – Concurrent imaging allows for shorter exams and smarter assessments. – Full Iterative Technology (FIT) now available on the BrightView XCT uses advanced algorithms for the truest picture possible Philips BrightView XCT Resolution 3.3 mm, FWHM intrinsic Sensitivity 2.77 cpm/um Ci (LEGP) Field of View 40.6 x 54 cm Highlights – Diagnostic SPECT-CT systems – Higher diagnostic confidence with integrated 2-, 6- or 16-slice spiral CT – More applications with diagnostic SPECT-CT – Siemens HD detectors with best-in-market NEMA sensitivity – 5 minute cardiac scans including calcium scoring / 4 times higher through- put with IQ-SPECT – Lower the injected dose by up to 75% with IQ-SPECT – Fully automated collimator changer and quality control save up to 19.5 h/month Siemens Symbia TruePoint SPECT•CT Resolution ≤ 3.8 mm FWHM in CFOV Sensitivity 202 cpm/μCi (LEHR 3/8" at 10 cm) Field of View 53.3 x 38.7 cm