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MolecularImagingRAD·BOOK 2012 121 SPECT Block Imaging Highlights – We buy used molecular imaging systems for refurbishment – Give your equipment a 2nd chance at life – Recover true value of your trade-in – Free fair market valuations – Professional project managers handle every detail of system deinstallation and removal – “Go Green” and recycle your equipment Alliance Medical – flexible diagnostic imaging services Highlights – Static diagnostic imaging centers MRI, CT, PET, PET/CT – Interim services for bridging downtimes – Regular „routing“ services Highlights Premium, all-purpose, dual detector free geometry integrated nuclear imaging system, featuring: – Excellent image quality based on advanced Elite NXT detector technology – Exceptional productivity enabled through evolution ½ time planar and SPECT scans – Slim-profile, wide-bore, fast and flexible robotic gantry design for exceptional clinical versatility – Outstanding capability to image at half the patient dose without compromi- sing image quality – Upgradeability path to Discovery NM/CT 670 GE Healthcare Discovery NM 630 Highlights – Fixed angle dual head ­cardio system – Designed for all patient sizes – Uncompromized patient comfort – Superior image quality – Extreme small footprint and gantry size GE Healthcare Ventri Resolution 3.7 mm intrinsic FWHM Sensitivity 325 cpm/µCi (LEGP) Field of View 370 x 190 mm Resolution 3.8 mm intrinsic FWHM Sensitivity 320 cpm/microCi (ELEGP), per detector Field of View 540 x 400 mm Highlights – Alcyone technology – Four leading-edge technologies in nuclear imaging: CZT detectors, focused pinhole collimation, 3D reconstruction, and stationary data acquisition – Increased diagnostic confidence and efficiency – Improved patient care with low dose and fast scans – Upgradeable – No motion GE Healthcare Discovery NM530 (Alcyone Technology) Acquisition Time 2 min Resolution 3.1 mm tangential Highlights CZT based gamma camera dedicated to imaging of breast cancer and other small organs – High-resolution, direct conversion, solid-state CZT semiconductor detectors – Detector and collimator stationary during scan. – Patient comfort: light, pain free immobilization force during exam – User friendly – Mammography positioning style, simple interface – Easy to read - Standard mammography views, only 4 – 8 planar images per exam GE Healthcare Discovery NM750b Resolution 2.46 mm intrinsic NECR @ 6 kBq/cc 750 cpm/microCi (single head) Field of View 240 x 160 mm