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RAD·BOOK 2012 117 R/F–DIGITAL Highlights – One digital system for fluoroscopy and radiography from pediatrics to bariatrics – Open design to accommodate bariatric patients up to 272 kg – Ergonomic single-handed system operation with OPTI-Grip handle – FLUOROSPOT Compact high-resolution digital imaging system with intuitive user interface and DICOM interfaces – Comprehensive CARE dose reduction package (option) – Mobile flat detector for fully digital radiography workflow (option) Highlights – High-power output for excellent image quality – High heat capacity x-ray tube virtually eliminates overheating issues – Compact and “room-mobile” design – Broad application spectrum – Excellent price-performance ratio Siemens Axiom Luminos TF Siemens Axiom Artis U Design Digital tableside controlled R/F system Technology 1 k x 1 k matrix II-format 33 cm or 40 cm Design Universal, room-mobile II-format 23 cm or 33 cm Image system 1024 x 1024 pixel, 12 bit-CCD Highlights Luminos Agile – A RADical new way in fluoroscopy. The first patient-side system with a: – height adjustable table – 65 cm – 112 cm (26"– 44") – 43 cm x 43 cm (17" x 17") dynamic flat detector – true dual-use capability in fluoroscopy and radiography Further highlights: – Ysio option for radiography with ceiling mounted tube, wireless flat detector and table and wall Bucky tracking – Excellent patient access from all sides – Dose reduction with CARE features (option) Highlights Luminos Fusion – accurate, available, amazing. This system fuses innovation with the economy of a market leader. – CAREVISION – up to 90% lower dose – High-end imaging system and image processing – Common Siemens user interface for ease of use – Excellent patient access and easier positioning with 80 cm longitudinal table top movement – Space-saving design for easier room planning – Wide application range for optimal room utilization Highlights Luminos Select – don’t compromise, be select. This system provides economical access to select Luminos fluoroscopy system technologies backed by Siemens’ market leadership. – Digital fluoroscopy with excellent image quality – Platform concept – select to match your budget – Common Siemens user interface for ease of use – Imaging system from our high-end products – Table with excellent patient access from all sides Highlights The new Luminos dRF – the only 2-in-1 system with Human Touch Technology. We built on a winning team to reach your goals in image quality, flexibility, efficiency and security. – SmartMove: one touch to move the system to where its needed – SmartTouch: only on human touch, will the system move – SmartView: one touch to get the images you need – 2-in-1 system for digital fluoroscopy and radiography – 48 cm low table height for easy patient transfer – 43 cm x 43 cm dynamic flat detector Siemens Luminos Agile Siemens Luminos Fusion Siemens Luminos Select Siemens new Luminos dRF Design Digital remote-controlled R/F system Design Digital remote-controlled R/F system Design Digital remote-controlled R/F system Design Flat detector remote controlled fluoroscopy and radiography system Detector Amorphous Silicon with Cesium Iodide Scintillator Size 43 x 43 cm