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RAD·BOOK 2012 109 R/F–DIGITAL Technology CsI Resolution 139 μm Size (Detector) 43 x 36 cm Agfa DX-D100 Highlights Mobile DR Solution – Ergonomic and solid design for mobile use – Easy operation, security and precision of all patient related positioning movements – MUSICA2 processing provides superior contrast detail and consistent, exam-independent image quality – NX acquisition workstation offers comprehensive functionality for integrated workflow – High effective generator power – Fully motorized, with superior battery capacity due to split battery concept – Wireless and tethered detectors available Mobile VILLA Sistemi Medicali – Apollo Open DRF Highlights – Premium digital remote controlled system with OPEN technology, allowing 4-side access to the patient – Standard carbon fiber tabletop – Full patient exploration by moving only the tube-receptor assembly without patient repositioning – Standard auto grid selection function and automatic stitching option – Oblique projections at table edges and bar-less tomography – 180 cm Source-to-Image-Distance (SID) – User-friendly touch screen console Design Premium 90 / 90 remote-controlled DRF table with “OPEN” tabletop Image system Digital with dynamic Flat Panel detector (DRF) Design Ceiling Suspending Detector CCD / FPD Size 17" x 17" Design Ceiling Suspending Detector FPD Size 17" x 17" Design U-arm DR System Detector CCD / FPD Size 17" x 17" Highlights – High frequency 50 kW generator – More than 600 APR programs for doctor's reference – Four-way-floating table, manual rotation – Ceiling suspended tube assembly, electric vertical movement, manual hori­ zontal movement along ceiling rail, automatic tracking with the detector when in the mode of chest radiography – Full field, single CCD, 17" x 17" / 17" x 17" FPD, detector pixel size 139 μm – InvaRay digital imaging platform – DICOM 3.0 compatible Highlights – High frequency 80 kW generator – Fully automatic control – Auto tracking function – One key press function – Fast position switch – High acquisition speed – Advanced patient protect function – 17" x 17" FPD detector pixel size 139 μm – InvaRay digital imaging platform – DICOM 3.0 compatible Highlights Experience the flexible geometry of U-arm FPD-DR, NEW ORIENTAL 1000. Its floor mounted stand with U-arm structure allows for easy positioning. Plus, your trust is well-placed in WDM's latest DR technology: – High frequency 50 kW generator – More than 600 APR programs for doctor’s reference – Compact U-arm mechanical structure with motorized rotation and vertical ­movements, saving installation space – Full field, FPD or CCD detector, 17" x 17" – InvaRay digital imaging platform – DICOM 3.0 WDM New Oriental 1000 CCD/FPD U-arm DR SystemWDM New Oriental 1000 CCD/FPD DR System WDM New Oriental 1000 Fully Automatic FPD DR System Design Multifunctional swivel-arm stand Detector Linear multi-line CdTe-detector, direct conversion Size 44 cm x 45 cm XCAN LT201 Highlights – Low dose thanks to patented scanning technology – Excellent image resolution (5 lp/mm) – Real time image formation with monitor support – Easy to use with integrated guide system – Fully DICOM and HL/7-compliant – Floor mounted, minimum space required – Full leg and complete spinal column imaging coming soon