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RAD·BOOK 2012 101 R/F–DIGITAL medigration DigiRoebs wireless Highlights – Digital radiography: the next generation – High-quality digital images at low dose – Real-time image processing within a few seconds (preview in 9 sec.) – Easy integration in existing radiography systems – Single touch screen console controls generator and acquisition software – Superior image quality and contrast detail with medigration image proces- sing software HARMONY, (stitching for “long-leg” images as an option) – DICOM services: print, store, query / retrieve, MPPS, WL Technology a-Si, CsI-Scintillator Resolution 144 µm, 16 bits DQE @ 0 lp/mm 66% Size 35 x 43 cm Highlights – Compact design less than 14 sq.m for installation – The profile is compact, smart and electrically controlled – combining a U-arm and a flat plate detector together provides a strong advantage, giving us an “all-around” digital radiography product – Four different control modes (X-ray tube head buttons, touchscreen display, flat panel detector buttons and remote control) – One button to switch on / off DR system automatically to make it user con- venient – Connectivity to DICOM 3.0 seamlessly Highlights – The design, mechanical structure or in the post- processing software etc, which all show Mindray’s strong R&D capability – Fulfill all examine positions – Complete automatic movement – One key position; pre-installed more than 1000 different positions with complete movements – Remote control / control the movement anywhere – iStitch – panoramic imaging technology – Connectivity to DICOM 3.0 seamlessly Mindray DigiEye 560 DR System Mindray DigiEye 760 DR System Design U-arm DR System Detector FPD Size 17" x 17" Design Ceiling suspending DR system Detector FPD Size 17" x 17" Technology a-Se, a-Si and CsI Resolution Depending on the flat panel Size 43 x 43 cm Highlights – Complete system includes all the necessary components for digital X-ray imaging – Components: U-arm system, generator, flat panel, PC, X-ray table and the dicomPACS® DX-R acquisition and diagnostic software – User-friendly: all the necessary adjustments can be made from one single control console OR Technology Amadeo OR Technology Leonardo DR 1210P Highlights – Portable system for mobile X-ray imaging – Provides all necessary components in one suitcase, including flat panel, note- book, dicomPACS® DX-R X-ray acquisition software and cables – Flat panel with a low weight of 3.4 kg Highlights – Retrofit solution: available for almost any existing X-ray system – Various makes and sizes of flat panels allow individual configuration of the system – dicomPACS® DX-R X-ray acquisition software can be operated intuitively via touchscreen – Professional image processing and integrated multimedia radiographic posi- tioning guide OR Technology Medici Technology a-Si, GadOX and CsI Resolution Depending on the flat panel Size 36 x 43 cm, 43 x 43 cm Technology Technology: CsI Scintillator Resolution 127 μm Size 27 x 33 cm