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Introducing the Dome S6c widescreen 6MP diagnostic display—a new benchmark in optical clarity. With an ultra-thin bezel, fanless cooling technology, and sleek, lightweight design, the Dome S6c brings you next generation engineering that’s worth looking into. Long-life LED backlight Factory calibrated for life 30”widescreen viewing Ultra-slim bezel Fanless cooling Lightweight design See what you’ve been missing 21EH @ ECR High-tech R/F solutions Confident launch for a new French system Launching in March, Optima is the latest offering from the French R/F specialist Apelem (part of the high- tech medical solutions DMS Group). Based on the firm’s Platinum technology, Optima is reported to provide nearly all the benefits of the Platinum in a cost efficient, robust mechanical package, the firm points out, adding that Optima ‘…is the ideal choice for centres looking for the advantages of digital in an easily accessible price range’. Sweamless transition With the same platform used by both Platinum and Optima, the tran- sition from one solution to the other is reported to be seamless. ‘In terms of service, maintenance and appli- cations the two systems are nearly identical,’ Apelem confirms. Platinum provides a ‘most com- prehensive technical package avail- able on the market,’ the manufac- turer adds. ‘These include excellent image quality; optimised settings for maximum dose reduction; SID 180 cm for chest and stitching exams; variable height 48-130 cm for comfortable patient charging; and brushless motors for smooth precise movements. Additionally. it takes a patient’s weight up to 265 kg with no limi- located in Duisburg, Germany. Since 2012 Shimadzu’s brand value proposition was expressed through the new claim ‘Excellence in Science’ representing the com- pany’s scientific and technological approach to always provide busi- ness and research solutions with the most modern analytical and diagnostic systems ensuring bet- ter product, consumer and patient safety. Numerous world firsts that have become industrial standards today as well as increasingly sensi- tive measuring methods substantiate this claim, Shimadzu points out. Laboratory World The company’s new Laboratory World in Duisburg, Germany is an example of how to fulfil this brand promise. Spread over 1,500 m², most-modern testing and training facilities were created for Shimadzu’s entire product range – from chroma- tographs, spectrophotometers, TOC analysers, mass spectrometers and material testing machines. Details: topics/140th.html tations to any movements, has a; long table top for maximum patient coverage 240 cm as well as option- al 4-way movement of the table top, and there’s full access around the table for easy patient transfers. A video camera integrated in the collimator enables radiation free positioning, with fully motorised movements and unlimited pre-pro- grammes for table positioning; There’s also relaxing ambient light and a music player, collimator, touch screen, foot pedal, remote control and maintenance. Internationally over eighty Platinum sys- tems have been installed. Details: www. from page 5 es 140 successful years controlled X-ray fluoroscopy system 1968 - The firm’s European HQ was established in Germany 1999 - Development of the world’s fastest DNA sequencer 2002 - Shimadzu engineer Koichi Tanaka received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry and Japan’s Order of Cultural Merit 2003 - World’s first diagnostic imaging system with a direct-conversion flat-panel detector was launched 2005 - The first fully digital mobile X-ray system in the world, equipped with a portable flat panel detector arrived 2007 – A digital tomosynthesis function for general radiographic examinations was released 2014 - A next generation high-performance crossover digital angiography system was launched ILESTONES

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